Little Ways I’m Teaching My Toddler How To Be Less Of A Cave Baby And More Of A Semi-Civilized Human Citizen

My little Budgie is a full-on toddler now. He is charming, joyful, energetic and always moving and learning. He laughs and throws tantrums with equal abandon. (There he is in the photo above, having a very picturesque tantrum in the grass.) And he’s kind of…crazy! In the delightfully anarchic way

Yes, Capsule Wardrobes Are Perfect For Toddlers and Other Littles As Well

File this under “too irresistible not to share,” but I just wanted to share my toddler’s capsule wardrobe for the summer season. Yes, I know this may make me sound super type-A/weird/fashion-obsessive or whatever — I did apply the capsule concept I use for my own wardrobe to my child’s