Friday Five: Yoda Sings About Seagulls, Elena Ferrante’s Novels And A Mini-Review of Elizabeth And James Nirvana Perfumes

I’m feeling a little tired as the holidays approach/encroach…and it doesn’t quite help that Budgie has decided to get up early every morning! But our home is fairly done with the decorating and I even made some flourless chocolate cookies, so slowly the holiday spirit is taking over. Even my

Friday Five: Finding Consolation In The Crown, Cat Meditation Videos and Super Adorable Christmas Ads

I don’t think I’ve fully recovered from the seismically shocking political events this week, but these are the things that are bringing me some bits of brightness and cheer. The Crown. I am a begrudging, grumpy yet utterly fascinated British royalty watcher. (Well, British anything, really…total Anglophile here!) But I