Friday Things: ‘Twin Peaks’ Just Gave Us The Most WTF Episode of Television Ever, And Listening to the 20-Something Melodramz of Lorde and SZA When You’re No Longer In Your 20s

How is everyone’s week going? Mine has been eventful and even adventurous! I found myself at an impromptu summer solstice celebration (I love pagans), rode on a boat and also drank cocktails with wonderful and good-looking people during a crazy tornado-y thunderstorm and couldn’t drive home until late because roads

Friday Five: Summer Sunglasses, The Confrontation Between Innocence and Corruption in ‘Twin Peaks,’ and Listening to Uniform and Vince Staples

How is everyone’s summer going? I haven’t been writing as much because, frankly, life is happening and I’ve been hoppin’ busy! I made it a personal parenting mission to give Budgie many experiences this summer, so we’ve been going to our local museums, parks, street festivals and performances a lot.