My Favorite Seasonal Transitional Items (Or, What I Wear When A Heat Wave Hits And I’ve Packed Up All Your Summer Clothes)

September was going swimmingly, with beautiful sunny yet cool days, crisp yet easygoing breezes and that pleasantly perfect balance of things being just warm enough to go without jackets but comfortable enough for a light jacket or coverup. In other words: perfect fashion weather! I was in heaven. This week,

Friday Things: ‘Twin Peaks’ Just Gave Us The Most WTF Episode of Television Ever, And Listening to the 20-Something Melodramz of Lorde and SZA When You’re No Longer In Your 20s

How is everyone’s week going? Mine has been eventful and even adventurous! I found myself at an impromptu summer solstice celebration (I love pagans), rode on a boat and also drank cocktails with wonderful and good-looking people during a crazy tornado-y thunderstorm and couldn’t drive home until late because roads

Friday Five: Summer Sunglasses, The Confrontation Between Innocence and Corruption in ‘Twin Peaks,’ and Listening to Uniform and Vince Staples

How is everyone’s summer going? I haven’t been writing as much because, frankly, life is happening and I’ve been hoppin’ busy! I made it a personal parenting mission to give Budgie many experiences this summer, so we’ve been going to our local museums, parks, street festivals and performances a lot.