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imageHello, I’m Kat! I’m a writer, editor, video curator and mama to a delightful, rambunctious, curious little toddler, Budgie. (That’s a nickname, not his real name!) I used to live in NYC and San Francisco, but I returned to my native Midwest and now live outside Chicago. When I’m not working, hanging out with my sweetheart or momming-out, I love reading, music, films, horses, art and bowling. (Hey, I’m a Midwesterner after all!)

I started Up For Wonder to chronicle my adventures in style, mindfulness, self-discovery, parenting and the crazy art of keeping it all together. Whether it’s finding a ‘mom uniform’ or fighting off perfection, I’m perpetually in search of beauty, adventure, wisdom and FUN. If we were going to hang out and grab a coffee — or sneak a glass of wine in the afternoon — this blog is a lot of what I love to gab about with fellow style-lovers and busy moms.

However, because I’m a recovering perfectionist — and I so appreciate reality vibes when it comes to motherhood — this blog is definitely not about super-glossy pictures and Pinterest-worthy perfection. Sorry, guys: keep your expectations on the lower end of things! But if you’re looking for soul seeking in the trenches of parenting, heartfelt vulnerability and rhapsodies over fall fashion seasons…I’m totally your girl.

I wanted to create an online space that celebrates lively imperfection, enjoys life and fashion and keeps me on track in being the parent and woman I want to be in the world. Style, parenting, contentment, wellness and the general business of being a human being are such works-in-progress — but hopefully filled with moments of fun and wonder along the way!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope being here has brightened, or maybe even enlightened, your day in some way.


Full disclosure: I use affiliate links occasionally to shopping sites like Amazon and ShopStyle. If I am provided a free product to review or have a sponsored post, I’ll mention that directly in the post. Your clicks help support me and my family, so thank you!

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