Radio Silence

I’ve started this “I’m back…I think” entry so many times, but I’ve been stuck because it’s been about a year and a half and how does one even begin to account for that gap?

I never finish, though, because either my job gets very busy, my toddler goes through a very “meltdown-y” phase, I’m focusing on writing my novel or I’m dealing with the cold I caught from my son, who seems to get sick all the time ever since he started school. (He’s started preschool last fall!)

Really, though, I think that above paragraph sums it all up. Life truly is uneventful but busy. I used to hate when people say they are busy, because everyone is busy in this modern world of ours…but being busy as a parent is its own particular beast. Mostly, I think, because parents are often very busy, but have very limited energy to be busy with — so the busyness has a particular wear and friction to it. Parenting a toddler isn’t as physically exhausting as parenting a baby (at least for me) but dealing with the meltdowns, the defiance, the toddlerness of it all — it’s more mentally and emotionally draining. Again, at least for me. 

(Maybe someone out there has an easy toddler? Does such a thing exist?)

So that’s where I’m at. My life is my son and the work of parenting, my home and all its attendant duties, my partner, my family of origin and my created family, writing and reading. I try to keep healthy, a surprisingly more difficult enterprise as one gets older. And my big diversion is Netflix and clothes. 

Which brings me back to this blog. I’ve been mostly on Instagram with my fashion diary/daily outfit account and I like being there. It’s so much easier, at least if you don’t try to be an influencer. But lately I feel the urge to write and think a little more deeply and extensively about style, parenting and other things. I thought about starting a TinyLetter, but honestly…does one need another thing to keep up on?

So here I am, maybe not quite ready but definitely willing to blog again after an unanticipated break. I promise no regularity. But I will try to express myself honestly and thoughtfully here, and try to have some fun with one of the few aspects of my life — outside of my creative writing — that is truly for myself and my own self-expression.

Let the games begin!

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