In Search of Adventure Shoes

I am pretty liberal, even radical, when it comes to politics. But when it comes to shoes, I’m pretty conservative. You look at my shoe wardrobe — which has changed a lot since moving back to the Midwest, away from NYC and become a mama — and you’ll see nothing but black. (And okay, maybe some grey and tan.)

And my styles are really classic, even tame: riding boots, ankle boots, motorcycle boots, Frye boots, ballet flats, Adidas sneakers. All great shoes, but all pretty tame when it comes to the fashion-risk scale. I don’t even have a pair of stilettos! (My dress-up date shoes are a demure pair of low block heeled strappy D’Orsay-type of deal…though usually I wear ankle boots on a date.)

But sometimes I look at my shoe wardrobe and go, “Ach! I need a little spice! Some zest! Some va-va-voom! Things be too sedate up in this grill!” Right now, as a mom to a very active, very opinionated toddler, things are pretty practical — maybe too practical. And maybe because the upcoming holiday season is almost upon us, I miss having a little festivity and whimsical adventure in my wardrobe. I want a little sparkle and fun.

I’m probably projecting my life needs onto my wardrobe needs here, to be honest. But in a way, a shoe wardrobe is one of those things that needs to straddle the twin needs of practicality and fancy. We need to walk in the world as it exists — but still, a lady needs to dream a little, right?

I respect that my inherent shoe taste leans towards classicism, though more on the rugged/tomboy tip and less towards the ladylike. Still, I want to take baby steps to be a little more adventurous and fun in my shoe choice for the holidays, so I’ve been brainstorming ways — and sourcing shoes — that inject a little fun and adventure into a wardrobe. Right now I’ve been coveting these silver oxfords from Everlane, but part of me is saying that these are just fun-time party-on-my-feet shoes — do they really need to be “investment-level”?

So I’ve also had my eye on anything mid-market that’s animal print, colored or metallic — but in a flat or boot shape I already wear. That, to me, is a solid way of merging the party with the practical — and letting both spirits co-existed in my #momlife.

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