Mom Essential: The Elevated Silky T-Shirt-Like Top

It’s very rare that I pinpoint a very specific item from a very specific line from a very specific store and say, “YOU GUYS I LOVE THIS GET IT YOU WILL LIKE.”

But sometimes you find yourself wearing an item you bought as a kind of throwaway and realizing you reach for it again and again, for a million different outfits and a million different situations. Momming around, date night, afternoon in the park, family excursion, drinks with friends. (Whoo hoo!) It’s a perfect go-to.

For me, that item is the humble yet pretty pleated short-sleeved pleated neck silky top by LC Lauren Conrad. (Yes, that Lauren Conrad from ‘The Hills.’ And yes, her line at Kohls!) It’s been available for years, for nearly every season, and in many different prints, patterns and occasionally a new fabric.

It’s very simple: a slightly relaxed fitting top, with pleating at the neckline and a sweet almost keyhole back with a discreet bow. It’s feminine, but not super-girly because of its simplicity. It’s like silk, but not silk, so you can toss it into the washing machine. It’s well-cut and easy, which is a quality I’ve come to highly value since becoming a mother.

And it’s versatile, depending on the print you choose — you can style it with jeans, shorts, a high waisted skirt for a dressier look. Pick any kind of bottom and it works beautifully, because it’s very simple but not basic.

I never thought this top would be a staple for me, until one day I was doing my habitual seasonal closet cleanout and noticed I had three of these tops. I only purged one because of a stain, but otherwise I realized how well-worn and well-loved they were.

I have a very basic and subtle black and white print one that reads both like ‘stealth-vintage’ and ‘artful modern’, as well as a very 70s-meets-Liberty floral print in a very au courant millenial pink color. I love them both!

They’ve very sneakily become a mom-uniform essential for me, so I’m blowing the whistle on my little fashion secret, I guess, and telling everyone they should pick one up if they’re in the mood for a slightly elevated t-shirt-that-isn’t-a-t-shirt.

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