My Word for Summer: Whew! My Word for Fall: Exhale…

Sometimes you get a season in life that just throws you. Either because something unexpected happens to you and your loved ones, something truly out of your control…or you find yourself both overbooked and trying to catch up with yourself.

That was kind of this summer, which was, frankly, really nuts. It was very hard, very emotional and just a big challenge all around. I wish I could be more specific, but all I will say is that depression wreaks havoc in all kinds of ways, and sometimes its consequences bubble up in unexpected ways around you.

(Oh, and did I mention we moved? We moved to a new house, which was both a delight and a crazy-making endeavor!)

But fall is here, and I am always excited when the air turns crisp, brisk and cool. I’m excited for apples (and apple donuts!) I’m excited for slow cooker meals and spices everywhere. And of course, fall fashion! Coats, jackets, blazers, jeans, scarves, boots, sweaters…it’s my total fashion sweet spot.

Anyway, I hope to have more to write, particular in the fashion-y realm. I’m really excited by what’s happening this season in terms of dark florals, rich colors, statement sleeves and the like — it’s a season after my dark yet romantic heart. But I just wanted to get in a post saying I haven’t entirely disappeared here…and I hope to get back into something of a regular routine again after a season full of disruption.

More coming soon… in the meanwhile, here are some pics from this summer’s fun (because I did manage to have some fun despite it all!)

Sunflowers in the garden of the Madison Children’s Museum:

Me and my little plumcake at one of the many county fairs this August (we live in the Midwest, after all):

We ended our Labor Day weekend going to the zoo in Milwaukee…

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