Friday Five: Summer Sunglasses, The Confrontation Between Innocence and Corruption in ‘Twin Peaks,’ and Listening to Uniform and Vince Staples

How is everyone’s summer going? I haven’t been writing as much because, frankly, life is happening and I’ve been hoppin’ busy! I made it a personal parenting mission to give Budgie many experiences this summer, so we’ve been going to our local museums, parks, street festivals and performances a lot. It’s been fun — but a lot of energy! It’s a great joy to be a tourist in your own town, though.

In the meanwhile, though, here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to personally on the TV/music/fashion front. Honestly, though, the last thing I want to do lately is stay inside watching TV and such — I want to be out in the sunshine, at least until the mugginess of late summer descends!

We’re About 1/3 of the Way Through ‘Twin Peaks’ and I’m Still Excited As Hell About It

It’s been awhile since I’ve written on the ‘Twin Peaks’ continuation series on Showtime. We’re a little over 1/3 of the way through and the last few episode after the first four parts have settled into something a bit more conventional and recognizable as serial television. In fact, as a narrative, the show is taking great pains to keep viewers on track on what’s happening and even catching up those who haven’t even seen the original series with backstory and such. In a strange way, it’s almost a little disappointed after the bravura oddballness of the first four episodes, but I’m sure viewers who want to feel a little less unmoored and a little more anchored and confident in what’s going on will find it a relief.

I’m probably going to have some spoilers going forward, so if you don’t want to be spoiled on ‘Twin Peaks,’ you might want to skip ahead to the next section. But what I’m finding fascinating about the show is how it truly is its own thing — and how it’s using the two dual Agent Coopers (the practically catatonic and amnesiac Dougie Jones vs. the Evil Cooper) to explore ideas of innocence and corruption — two very classic David Lynch themes, of course.

I am sad that we might not get the classic Agent Cooper back — forthright, good, intuitive, kind, strong and just a paragon of manliness I can get behind — as audiences know and love him. But the advantage of the two Coopers in this new series is simply seeing what a great actor Kyle MacLachlan is — he’s got his Buster Keaton-esque slapstick comedy. as well as some incredibly touching moments as Dougie, but also a true sense of menace and darkness as Evil Cooper. At some point the TV is setting up a classic confrontation between the two — but of course, the journey of getting to this point will be utterly fascinating, strange and, knowing David Lynch, eccentrically unpredictable.

Now Listening: Uniform and Vince Staples

Maybe it’s summer, but lately I feel my appetite for music coming back. I definitely have times in my life when I hunker down and go deep into the things I already love. But I also go through periods where I feel very open to new music and soaking up new artists and sounds come very easily like I did when I was an arts and culture writer in my 20s. Right now I’m very into two very different artists: the NYC-based industrial hardcore punk noise duo Uniform and rapper Vince Staples.

I was once a real acolyte of crazy-loud aggressive serrated hardcore punk metal-ish sounds, but being a mom and dealing with the emotional fallout of post-partum stuff kind of put me off that path. Now, though, I’m finding myself really enjoying that brutal, intensely physical sound — it’s super-cathartic. And Uniform are really up my alley in that respect — it’s got an electronic edge, but it’s aggressive, ugly and harsh in the best way possible. Definitely not kid-friendly, but sometimes you just need something entirely for yourself, right?

Vince Staples is something all the muso-types in my life that I most respect put me on. Just really smart, intelligent rapping, and the production on the latest record is reminiscent of a lot of 80s/90s Detroit electro and house — also up my alley. This one is a bit more kid-friendly, at least in terms of sonic palatability and toddler danceability…

Summertime Sunglasses

I’ve been on a slight dress kick, which is interesting, because in the past few years I haven’t really gotten any. I’ve picked up two new ones and am busting out my old ones, some of which I haven’t worn in a few years, which is fun again. But overall, I haven’t been buying too much new stuff — I’ve been stockpiling funds for something else, and I’m finding it fun to hoard up money, actually.

But one thing I do like to indulge in during the summer are new sunglasses. I have a ridiculous number of cheapish pairs — mostly because I’m always losing them, finding them again and then losing them! I have them stashed in my gym bag, my car, my bedroom, just all over the place. (At least I’m never without a pair.) I picked up my recent favorite pair on sale at Express. They’re a bit oversized and slightly ridiculous, but if you can’t channel your inner paparazzi diva during summer, when can you then?

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