Imaginary Shopping Spree: Pinstripes Galore!

There’s something about pinstripes and springtime that feels just about perfect to me. They’re the ideal pattern for minimalists and others who shy away from the graphic spectrum of fashion: they add the lightness and interest of a graphic element but in a subtle, calm way. They are classic but look eternally fresh — and match the pretty, azure skies peeking out through the masses of early spring storm clouds!

I recently got this pinstripe-ish tank with a gift card from H&M. I went in thinking I’d be practical and buy myself some new undies, but lo and behold, I saw this on the mannequin and it hit that springtime fashion itch: it felt light and breezy, but it didn’t scream “WHIMSY!” Instead, with its pinafore-ish styling and bowties, it was more of a whisper of it. I’m excited to wear it with my wide-legged track pants (that I wore in this outfit) or my Everlane ones, which are more structured and formal.

I also picked up the Victoria Beckham x Target pinstriped dress — you know, the “it” one from the collection. (Insomnia sucks, but it comes in handy sometimes.) In this case, pinstripes make the modern cut and design a bit more classic, if not work-friendly — though it feels a little more ironic instead of investment banker-y. I’ve worn this dress a lot since getting it — it works great with a jean jacket, an army jacket, a blazer, moto boots, Chelsea boots, riding boots, sandals and so much more.

Because I’m so fond of imaginary shopping, I scoured for more pinstripe-y items that fit that lovely nexus of whimsical and classic. Some of these aren’t so pinstripe-y — some are more like Breton stripes, though I tried to keep everything in the blue/black/white vein.

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