Friday Five: Falling Back in Love With Agent Cooper on ‘Twin Peaks,’ And The Innate Elegance of Wide-Legged Track Pants

+ So one of the massive pluses this spring is the new Kendrick Lamar record. No need for me to explain its amazingness — about a million music critics have beat me to the punch. Personally, I love the return to a more ‘West Coast’ sound, but his incisive lyrics, amazing sense of storytelling and sharp intelligence remain utterly consistent. Here’s ‘Humble’…it’s my new workout/self-affirmation/bad-ass anthem:

+ I’ve been binging lately on ‘Twin Peaks,’ trying to refresh my memory of the series before it premieres its long-awaited return on Showtime next month. Maybe this is a bit silly, but I am so excited! Re-watching the old episodes, I’ve almost forgotten how much I adored FBI Agent Dale Cooper, who in many ways is still my ideal man: intuitive, honorable, full of integrity, respectful of mystery and women and a true lover of coffee. (Plus: the dapper wearing of suits.) When ‘Twin Peaks’ ended its second season — and never got renewed — it left his character in a legitimately terrible cliffhanger in many ways, so I’m seriously wondering what Cooper’s ultimate fate is. As well as how they’re going to handle the gap between seasons, and just who all these new characters and cast additions will be.

+ The other thing I’ve been watching is the Lucas brothers’ comedy special on Netflix, ‘War on Drugs.’ If you’re not up on them, they’re twin brothers who are pretty hipster-y, but I dig them for their droll, deadpan, underplayed delivery and their own quietly wry amusement at themselves. I’m not a big standup comedy watcher, but this was fun to have playing in the background while I worked on paperwork and bills and such. Right now, that’s almost the highest accolade I can give anything on TV!

+ One of my weird political obsessions lately is trying to learn everything I can about the Mercer family. The Mercers are a super-secretive, super-rich, super-right-wing family that are quite powerful when it comes to funding super-reactionary political efforts ranging from backing candidates in elections to funding hugely influential ‘news’ outlets. With the rise in super PACS — and their huge influence on U.S. politics — I think it’s more and more important to know who these ‘powers behind the thrones’ are. This Atlantic article about the Mercer family is a good place to begin.

+ The outfit this week is actually a cold-weather throwback. We’ve had a nice string of warm, sunny days, but today was a bit cold and grey. I don’t mind, I guess, because it lets me wear my Everlane square-cut turtleneck sweater comfortably again. I paired it with wide-legged track pants (from Fabletics, of course) and simple Nikes, which is my part of my continued gesture to athleisure. Wide-legged anything is a bit of a risk in my town — most people here are definitely still on the skinny train in terms of silhouettes. But wide-legged pants are so elegant, and these are silky and have a nice swing and swish to them.

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