Spring 2017 Shopping List: Let The Good Times Roll

Ah, unintended blog hiatus! Sometimes life gets really persnickety, tangled, thorny and busy in many ways. I’ve spent the past few weeks hunkering down and taking care of business. Personal stuff, kid stuff, mental health stuff and, on top of all that, TRYING TO GET MY TAXES DONE. (Somehow this felt like just about the worst thing to deal with — it was definitely the most annoying.)

But the sun is now out and my taxes have been filed! I’m emerging from a pile of unsorted receipts, not to mention that niggling depression I haven’t been quite able to shake these past few years. Tackling some long-simmering issues in terms of depression/anxiety and related things has freed up so much more energy. And at the risk of sounding kind of lame and shallow, the renewed sense of vitality — not to mention YAY SPRING! — has really made me find some renewed pleasure in clothing, among other things.

Though honestly I will probably ‘shop my closet’ this season for various reasons, there are still a few things that I need or “would very much like to have and would likely find highly useful.” And, like I mentioned in my spring inspiration/direction post, I really do appreciate a bit more ‘zing’ in the clothing department these days.

(I’ve also re-embraced Breton stripes after a few seasons away, which feels so right for springtime, yes? I’m in a pattern-y mood, I suppose. And I’m interested again in dresses, so I took advantage of a horrible bout of insomnia to buy that Victoria Beckham for Target striped shirtdress…probably the only good thing about insomnia at this point!)

So, yes, I’m looking for that intersection of practical but fanciful, grounded but glamorous. Which is something that feels wonderfully reachable these days — and that’s something worth taking some time and effort out to create.

Denim Shorts

File this under the “need” category, because my old standbys — a pair of cutoff Levis I’ve had for nearly 10 years — finally just disintegrated. The options in this category are plentiful: Bermuda, boyfriend, booty, blah blah blah. I’m looking for something higher-rise, not booty-length but not too long and a dark wash that is slightly weathered. Also: no designs on the back pockets.

A Rashguard

Actually I decided to forego buying a new swimsuit this year, mostly because 1. I always just get a black two-piece and I have plenty of those (that I can fit back into!) 2. I bought a one-piece suit last year that I like a lot. But I would like a little extra coverage from the sun, so I’m thinking a rashguard would be nice to layer over both those options. Something with a lace-up in the front would be even better, and turn a sporty item just a tad more bohemian.

Some Nice Non-Grotty Summer Flats That Aren’t Impossible To Put On

This is a very mama-oriented need, because my little one is now such a scamp that he takes off into the wilderness whenever I put him down long enough to put my shoes on. I ain’t got no time to be fiddling with straps, buckles and the like! I gotta go save my toddler from physical peril! (Seriously, how do toddlers even survive without vigilant parents?) I have some nice Tom’s, but I need something just a tad more elegant and beautiful for those random rare times I do get dressed up.

A Maxidress

This is one of those eternal vision quests for me — I’ve been looking for a Holy Grail of a maxidress for a few years but still haven’t quite found anything that just works. I need a proper designer to help me because I can see this dang dress in my mind, but it doesn’t seem to exist in a store: la bohemian but minimal halter neck in a floaty black cotton voile-ish material without a lot of embellishment but also isn’t too floaty but also not clingy in any way and works with both flats and heeled shoes. (Ankle boots, not heels, because I am sooooo not a heels person in any way or circumstance.) Like a way sexy Eileen Fisher/Morgane Le Fay summer dress. Why is this so hard?!

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