Winter 10×10 Fashion Challenge: Outfits 7-9, And Welcoming Back Jewelry After The Baby Years

We’re in the home stretch of this little fashion challenge, and life has been so hectic the past few days that I’ve barely noticed my own clothes! I’ve taken on some new time-consuming duties at work, so having this tight little capsule wardrobe has reduced a lot of decision-making. All that mental energy can go into re-calibrating my new workflow! How exciting! (Sarcasm alert.)

The interesting insight emerging so far about tracking outfits over this period of time is really how mommish my whole life is now. Certain priorities beyond aesthetics or chic directives really do dictate what I wear — and mostly it’s the gym or kid-wrangling. It makes me long for the days when my life was much less segmented and more free-wheeling, to be honest. But maybe those reflections are best left to a private journal! Suffice it to say, I miss wearing more fun clothes, like when I lived a life full with music shows, movies, cocktails, movies, filmmaking, museum- and gallery-going and random adventures. I can’t be an eternal post-adolescent for the rest of my life, but maybe there’s a more vibrant, youthful spirit that can be integrated SOMEWHERE into my life. (Shoes?)

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Anyway, onto the outfits! Outfits 7 and 8 are basically the same thing: workout clothes that I wore all day until I hit the gym. Leggings, top, tank: wash, rinse, repeat! Neither are particularly chic, although I do appreciate a printed legging that is both subtle yet fun. The large parka is worn over my turtleneck sweater, which I layered over the tank and black leggings. (BTW, that sweater is by Everlane, and there should be a review up for it next week to go with my other Everlane reviews.) No big commentary needed, run along now folks…

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Outfit 9 (which you can see at the top of the most) is probably most typical of me, and one of my favorites during this whole challenge. It’s a tried and true formula: skinny jeans, boots and a scarf over some kind of top. It’s pretty classic, a touch bohemian and not super-innovative, but sometimes you need the comfort of the familiar, especially on these cold icky dull winter days.

I did change things up subtly and wore earrings, which I haven’t done in years. But now my toddler would rather throw around the contents of his toy box (“MESS, MAMA! SO MESS! WHAT A MESS!”) instead of rip earrings out of my ears, so I can reintegrate them back into my sartorial repertoire. It’s weird — I feel I’ve lost the ability to accessorize in the past few years, perhaps because jewelry and other such notions are so easily baby-bait for grabbing messy little hands. Even a scarf risked being spit-up on. But I miss those little touches, so hopefully I’ll start wearing more earrings and necklaces again.

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