Winter 10×10 Fashion Challenge: Outfits 3 & 4 Are the “Wash, Rinse and Repeat” of Outfits 1 & 2

We’re headed towards the halfway mark of this little wardrobe remix fashion challenge, and what have I learned from limiting to myself to 10 pieces of clothes for 10 days? The first lesson is: I really do wear a lot of workout clothes.

Like any other fleece jacket-wearing busy mama, I have my “thing” and it’s some variation of leggings with a top or sweatshirt and sports bra…which is what my 3rd outfit was all about, just like my 1st.

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That was a day jam-packed with work, errands, momming, exercise, and my own creative stuff. Luckily my sweetheart and I called off a family outing and decided to stay at home — too cold, dark and rainy out! — or otherwise those leggings would be worn out.

My 4th outfit was still workout-y: yes, there’s a sweater, but it was layered over a workout tank and my black leggings again for a quick HIIT and strength training session. It snowed that day so I ended up wearing snow boots, which actually proved a welcome change-up, with the bits of white fake fur at the bottom — otherwise it felt a little too much dark in one outfit, with the navy and the black. (I usually find that combo quite chic, but in the middle of winter it feels sooooo heavy and somber.)

Overall, I wish now I had swapped out my cardigan for another top or pair of leggings, because in all honesty, it’s already a little tiresome to keep rinsing out leggings. (Working out makes them a little grotty, as you can imagine.) Or maybe swapped it out for a hoodie and then took the skirt out for more leggings or another pair of joggers? I think I should have just accepted the fact that I live in athletic-y clothing and planned accordingly. I also really am craving color, and now wish I had thrown in something brighter. I’ll have to dig up some brighter accessories, I think.

I threw in the cardigan into my capsule, I realize, to test whether I was a cardi-person or not. I used to be — I wore loads of cardigans in college and early adulthood — but now instead of finding them comfy, I feel a little sloppy in them. And I don’t think they’re as flattering on me — I like just a bit more structure around the shoulder and armhole than a knit allows. My outfit above with the cardigan is cute enough and very cozy, but I found myself often missing a hoodie or hooded sweatshirt of sorts to wear out. There’s just something more devil-may-care and tomboyish about a hood, you know? I guess that’s my vibe by default now, especially since I’m slowing moving away from any kind of ingenue aesthetic. Ah, well, you live and learn…that’s the whole point of this sort of thing, right?

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  1. I just saw your posts on instagram and added you to my blogger index of 10x10ers. Hope you don’t mind that I added you! I’m trying to keep a list so that we can more easily find each other and share inspiration. Don’t be ashamed to repeat! You are using an outfit formula and changing it up…I just straight up wore the same outfit on the FIRST two days…before I had even used up all my items.×10-outfit-1/×10-outfit-2/
    I don’t regret it! I liked it so much I was ready to do it again.

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