Friday Five-ish: Rereading Harry Potter and Joanna Newsom As Perfect Children’s Music

Fashion, guys! Doing this whole wardrobe remix has proven a bit more time-consuming than I realized, mostly because taking photos of myself makes me dither and dilly-dally — self-consciousness takes up a lot of energy. (I know, I know: a fashion blogger who hates taking photos of herself…) I still managed to keep myself entertained in non-sartorial ways, however…

+ After finishing Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad — a pretty heavy read, I must say — I’m making my way through all seven Harry Potter books now as kind of a tonic for the spirit. I haven’t read them since the last in the official series came out. (It shocked me a little to realize it was almost 10 years ago!) I really miss those days when a publication of a book was such a huge cultural event. Reading them now, I’m amazed at J.K. Rowling’s prodigious and inventive imagination and the sheer storytelling energy she commands. Right now I’m reading Goblet of Fire, which was my one of my more favorite installments in the series. (I guess I’m counting books 1-3 as part of my five?)

+ This powerful anti-bigotry, anti-registry of any kind PSA needs to be watched A LOT:

And major props to Katy Perry for basically bankrolling the whole thing and helping to make it happen.

+ I struggle sometimes with how much to write about my son specifically in this blog — I am fine writing about my own personal, practical, psychological and emotional experience of parenting, but details about him are an ethical struggle for me. But I decided I’m going to keep track of his musical tastes, since music is something we both enjoy together — and in a weird way, what interests him is more interesting to me than my own musical tastes. Anyway: one thing I have discovered is that listening to Joanna Newsom’s Divers record in the evening really chills him out — but only the second half. (The first half of the record makes him nuts.) He always gets really still and rapt when this song starts up, like he’s really listening. It’s so sweet, and I’m very proud that a great artist like Newsom is worming his way into his subconscious.

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