Winter 10×10 Fashion Challenge: Outfits 1 + 2 Are All About Ath/Leisure for Not-So-Leisurely Days

It was a bit of a pity that my 10 pieces/10 days/10 outfits challenge had to start on the front-end of my week, which is pretty loaded. It’s when I have the most energy and try to do the most: work, jobs, errands, exercise, general toddler wrangling projects, client-involving stuff. Part of the key to that is shaving off as much time-suckage as possible — which means dressing all day in workout-friendly clothes, so I have no excuse not to exercise.

So my outfit for day one (pictured above) reflected that emphasis on activity and function: my grey sweatshirt (mine is from H&M) and black leggings. Pretty plain, but I added in a beanie and my Vans and it was just a touch more ‘characterful’ in a New York grunge tomboy way.

The funny thing was I ended up wearing my Bluetooth headphones a lot, and they functioned as a de facto necklace. They’re the rose gold Beats one, and gave a pretty basic outfit a nice light, feminine touch.

My second outfit was on a day mostly devoted to work and a few client meetings over Skype, so I wore something simple, elegant as possible but comfortable. My black turtleneck sweater (mine is from Everlane…review forthcoming!) paired in a classic way with skinny jeans and some high-heeled grey Aldo ankle boots. You can’t tell from the picture, but they were definitely the ‘moto-cool’ of the outfit.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
not a fan of posing, clearly

The weather was just a bit warmer than usual, so I took advantage to wear something other than my heavy parka: a light tan sweater-knit duffel type of jacket from Zara. I didn’t count outerwear as part of my 10 pieces, but I realized as I switched jackets that I lean pretty hard on coats to ‘style up’ really basic things I tend to gravitate towards.

(I also realized I need to learn to take better outfit pictures!)

So far none of these outfits have been much of a stretch for me — they’re pretty low-key and straightforward, which is mostly my day-to-day style anyway. The next few days might be more of a challenge, since they’re both fitness-centric and a touch more family- and social-oriented.

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