Fashion Challenge: The 10×10 Wardrobe Remix

I’m a sucker for a challenge, and even more for a fashion one. So when I heard about the 10×10 remix spearheaded by Style Bee and Unfancy, I decided to give it a go. I’m not a minimalist or even a typical fashion blogger, but I’m always game for an experiment!

The rules are simple: 10 pieces of your wardrobe, “remixed” into 10 outfits over 10 days. The idea is to see your clothes in new ways, exercise your creativity and maybe understand how your clothes can do more than you realized. Sounds good to me!

There are no hard and fast rules here: your 10 pieces can be whatever you want them to be. Some include 1-2 pairs of shoes as part of their remix, but honestly, looking at the weather forecast over just the next week (blizzards, rain, cold, wet) and my agenda (workouts, hangouts, momming, maybe even a date!) I knew I needed a broader shoe selection just to cope with the complexity.

Here’s what I selected, keeping in mind that my life is pretty casual, I work from home and I work out a lot: that’s why I chose a lot of sweatshirts and sweaters, not to mention leggings and fleece joggers. It’s all very athleisurely/French tomboy, perhaps.

As I was making my selection, I became mindful of some of the tiny anxieties and worries that popped up as I tried to make sure all pieces worked together. A lot of pieces were no-brainers, and already staples. (Leggings, sweatshirts and sweaters, the ultimate active winter trifecta!) Interestingly enough, I worried about getting bored and restless, especially with such a limited palette of black, grey and navy. I have an unconscious ‘fun/rebel’ factor when it comes to wardrobe planning, like I need some steam valve for my more unruly impulses.

For example, I tortured myself over my grey sweatshirt — I thought about putting my grey “Pardon My French” sweatshirt into rotation or maybe a striped Breton shirt. I need a little wit and goofball mischief, especially since winter is so dreary. Still, I went with logic here and thought a plain grey sweatshirt was more versatile — and hoped my printed leggings are enough to offer that ‘steam valve.’ Or else, I will try to meet my need for wardrobe spice with accessories and such. We’ll see if it actually works!

The Pieces

You’ll see my pieces in the featured photo above, minus a pair of black leggings.

1. Printed workout leggings: I like a dollop of pattern, and this one works tonally and creatively, since it resembles a kind of enlarged tweed/animal print hybrid.

2. Blue wide boatneck 3/4-length sleeve t-shirt: it’s comfy but cut elegantly.

3. Blue jeans: of course!

4. Grey sweatshirt: because I’m a mom.

5. Black mini-skirt with zipper: because I also need an item with some punkish spirit.

6. Grey fleece joggers: the next week promises to be VERY cold, and these are the toastiest pants I own.

7. Navy boyfriend-style cardigan: versatile, French-y and Japanese-y, too.

8. Black cropped turtleneck sweater. Just something a bit more formal, just in case I have a client video call or something like that!

9. White tank top: a nice underlayer, and I’m trying out using white as a bit of “pop” more often.

10. Black workout leggings (not pictured). Because I have a lot of days where I combine work, jobs, errands, momming and exercise, and even shaving off the 5-10 minutes to get dressed and undressed makes a difference. (#momlife!)

If You Want to Play Along

Unfancy has a nice set of guidelines and advice on pulling together your own mini-capsule, and there’s also hashtags, too, if you want to share via Instagram or Facebook:


I certainly will be posting more often over the next two weeks as this goes on…so if anything, this wardrobe challenge will be worth it for that alone!

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