Winter 10×10 Fashion Challenge: The Final Outfit, and What I Learned From the Whole Shebang

The #winter10x10 challenge is over! Yes, I did manage to wear only 10 pieces over 10 days — and without repeating an outfit. At times the restrictions annoyed me — but much less than I thought. In fact, the limitations actually helped, because I didn’t really have to think about

Winter 10×10 Fashion Challenge: Outfits 7-9, And Welcoming Back Jewelry After The Baby Years

We’re in the home stretch of this little fashion challenge, and life has been so hectic the past few days that I’ve barely noticed my own clothes! I’ve taken on some new time-consuming duties at work, so having this tight little capsule wardrobe has reduced a lot of decision-making. All

Winter 10×10 Fashion Challenge: In Which Outfits 5 & 6 Provide An Opportunity for a Little Halfway-Point Psychoanalysis

To be truthful, I’ve been feeling a little blah-ish lately — mid-winter doldrums, perhaps? And my outfits for this little wardrobe experiment have felt that way to me as well. It finally took me until outfits 5 to 6 to feel like I’m in a little of a groove. Outfit

Winter 10×10 Fashion Challenge: Outfits 1 + 2 Are All About Ath/Leisure for Not-So-Leisurely Days

It was a bit of a pity that my 10 pieces/10 days/10 outfits challenge had to start on the front-end of my week, which is pretty loaded. It’s when I have the most energy and try to do the most: work, jobs, errands, exercise, general toddler wrangling projects, client-involving stuff.