Friday Five: Yoda Sings About Seagulls, Elena Ferrante’s Novels And A Mini-Review of Elizabeth And James Nirvana Perfumes

I’m feeling a little tired as the holidays approach/encroach…and it doesn’t quite help that Budgie has decided to get up early every morning! But our home is fairly done with the decorating and I even made some flourless chocolate cookies, so slowly the holiday spirit is taking over. Even my shopping is almost done! I hope your week’s been lovely and fun; here’s the little things that made life just a tinge more interesting and memorable for me.

+ We’re still singing a lot of Drake’s “Fake Love” around the house, but we’ve added this song by YouTube goliaths Bad Lip Reading to our collective repertoire in our family. The crazy thing about this “joke” song by Yoda about the perils of seagulls is how freaking catchy it is.

Generally we quote this song ALL THE TIME at home and occasionally punctuate our everyday talk with phrases like “That log had a child!”

+ From “Seagulls (Stop It Now)” we also discovered “Bushes of Love” by Bad Lip Reading, which is surprisingly also a legit catchy song. The “I used to riiiiiiiiiide in the desert….” part is so good!

+ I’m racing to finish Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels before the year end, although I kind of want to savor them and draw them out because they are so good: they’re such intimate, brutal, incisive, pitiless look into women’s emotional lives and the nature of close female friendships. I’m so hard-pressed to describe these novels, though — they are feminine but soooooo not girly, violent yet dispassionate and cool-eyed. If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend!

+ One show I forgot to mention I got into was “This Is Us.” It’s funny because it was something I was just “checking it out,” and then I just kept “checking it out.” And then suddenly it was, “Oh, what happened with this character or this part of the story?” It’s a well-written, well-acted family drama that’s sincere, earnest and heartfelt — and okay, a bit emotionally manipulative, but sometimes your heart’s in the mood to be jerked around tragically, no? And who knew Mandy Moore was such a good actress? (Actually, she’s been doing solid supporting work in acting for some time, but it’s nice to see her in a starring role.)

+ This perfume set by Elizabeth and James of their Nirvana fragrances is absolutely delectable. Elizabeth and James is one of the fashion labels run by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and their perfumes are surprisingly nice for “celeb” fragrances, which mostly tend to smell like cotton candy spiked with vanilla and musk. While these don’t really approach the complexity and eccentricity of many niche lines, these are all nicely crafted and well-done, especially for their price point.

Nirvana Black is a really warm, slightly sweet sandalwood — it’s basically my favorite — while Nirvana White is a warm floral that reminds me a bit of Chloe, with sweet florals like peonies and a bit of peachiness. Nirvana Bourbon is like smoky vanilla that is a great fall/winter scent and Nirvana Rose is a spiky incense-y rose that reminds me of Stella McCartney’s eponymous fragrance, but just a bit more green. (It’s also one of my favorites from this set, but honestly I like these all.) It’s a nice range for someone with fragrance ADD like me. I haven’t bought perfume in a long time — I used to be a real fragrance hound, but my pregnancy put me off strong smells. But this was a nice and economical way to get myself back in the game!

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