Friday Five: When You Reach One of Your Goals and You’re Like “New Leggings!”

And the holiday season has begun! Busy, busy, busy it’s been around here, but much of it in a good way. Still, I’m looking forward to doing very little this weekend, at least when it comes to outside obligations and expectations — there might be some cookie-making happening, though! Here’s what made my week just a bit more brighter…please do share what’s been bringing you sweetness and light as well!

+ Werner Herzog makes a Neko Atsune documentary! Well, not really, but how I wish this were true! Because how awesome would this be if Herzog applied his brutal, drily humorous narration to a Japanese cat-tending game?

+ Planning for the year ahead! So, every year around the end of the year, I go through these yearly planning workbooks put out by Leonie Dawson. They help me reflect on the previous year and map out what I would like to happen in the upcoming one. They are colorful and look hippie-whimsical, but they are really brass-tacks about what you want to do with your upcoming year and how to break that down into specifics. I might blog on these more extensively soon, but these keep me centered during a hectic time of the year — and help me sail into the new one feeling connected to my values and vision for my life.


+ New leggings for a new milestone! Okay, true confessions: I did do some spending on Black Friday. Fabletics had some insanely good sales, which I indulged in because — huzzah for me! — I dropped a pants size and needed new leggings. (As someone with hypothyroidism, weight loss is a really difficult proposition for me.) I was tired of going for runs and having my leggings sag down, and when I complained about it to one of the trainers at my gym, she mentioned it’s likely because my leggings are too big for me. Which is a perfect excuse to buy new ones! I also picked up a few higher-waisted pairs from Old Navy and they’re genius. Once you go high-waisted, you won’t want to go back, at least when it comes to workout leggings! I feel like I have a head start on the New Year when it comes to fitness. Yayness all around!

+ I have an official Misty Copeland crush. I know others have been on the Misty train for some time, but better late than never, I say! Watch her in action:

+ There is a lot of boisterous singing of Drake’s “Fake Love” around our house these days. But since it’s near impossible to find it on YouTube, let’s listen to Beyonce instead — whose “Lemonade,” by the way, just made the list of best films of 2016, according to Sight and Sound. Seeing all the couples and families in this clip always gets me in the best way possible:

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