Friday Three: This Winter’s Adam Driver Film Festival

This is going to be pretty brief because…well, it’s a long weekend and I want to enjoy it! My in-laws have the baby for the night and I’m going out for some drinks! Rock ‘n roll! It’s been a good Thanksgiving and I’m so grateful for so much — family, friends, livelihood, creativity, solidarity, and beauty — but I’m immediately grateful for just a bit of time off. Anyway, the things that made the week wonderful, unique or interesting:

+ The trailer for the upcoming Martin Scorsese movie Silence just came out, and it looks pretty intense in that characteristic Scorsese way. It’s about two Jesuit priests, played by Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver, who travel to Japan during the persecution of Catholics there in the 17th century and encounter some crises of faith amid the horror and torture they encounter. I actually think his ‘religious’ movies — The Last Temptation of Christ, Kundun — are very underrated, especially in comparison to films like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas and such. I actually weirdly think they are better in some ways — more interesting, more searching, more vulnerable, like you can feel the real person pulsing underneath them. Anyway, check it:

+ Speaking of Adam Driver, he’s starring in the new Jim Jarmusch movie Paterson as a poetry-writing bus driver. The movie is getting raves, as is Driver’s performance. Personally, I’m psyched, both because I love Jarmusch and Adam Driver is such a charismatic oddball of an actor. I initially hated him when he first was on Girls, but the genuine honesty of his performances drew my interest in a part that normally makes me roll my eyes. I really am looking forward to seeing this, though I’ll probably have to wait till it hits Netflix or whatever, since I live in Podunkville when it comes to indie movie distribution.

+ I’m extremely picky about the little TV my toddler gets to see. I know I need to be really “NO TV ALL THE TIME” to be a good parent in some parenting experts’ eyes, but let’s get real — sometimes, when you’re alone with a kid with no other help and you absolutely need 15-20 minutes to absolutely FOCUS on a task to finish it without disaster happening, a little TV can really help a harried, struggling mom out. “Word Party” is a newer show on Netflix, and it’s a perfect 11 minutes per episode, and the visual style is fairly simple and measured — no frantic cutting or dizzying camerawork. And it’s super cute….and I have the opening song and dance memorized. (Another plus: no commercials on Netflix!) Budgie loves the little panda Lulu the best.

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