Friday Five: Finding Consolation In The Crown, Cat Meditation Videos and Super Adorable Christmas Ads

I don’t think I’ve fully recovered from the seismically shocking political events this week, but these are the things that are bringing me some bits of brightness and cheer.

The Crown. I am a begrudging, grumpy yet utterly fascinated British royalty watcher. (Well, British anything, really…total Anglophile here!) But I don’t think you need any degree of interest to find watching The Crown a fascinating experience. At heart, it’s an amazingly human story of a relationship and a marriage — and it’s also a story of a young woman stepping into power, and learning to balance her private self with her public role. The performances are extraordinary, especially Matt Smith as Duke of Edinburgh and Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth, and the writing and directing is astute, subtle and sensitive. I do highly recommend, especially if you are a fan of history, period dramas or just humanizing portraits of icons.

A Cat-Centric Meditation Video. You guys! I know I natter on about mindfulness and meditation to fight burnout and stress, but this is a super-duper super-adorable way to meditate and get your cute-kitty media quota met. DO IT!

Leopard-print ankle boots. Maybe it was doing my “boredom relief” fashion post, but lately I’ve been reverie-ing on the idea of leopard print ankle boots. Yes? No?

I was frankly shellshocked by the results of the U.S. presidential election. I’ve been on my personal FB pages posting links, donating to organizations and just PROCESSING. But I’m also trying to find some bits of brightness to soothe and smile-induce me. To that end: a holiday video that made me smile, courtesy of the John Lewis department store in England.

I’m trying to invent little workouts I can do in my bedroom while my son naps — ones that don’t require a lot of space, equipment or make a ton of noise. My solution? Videos of people doing routines to dance games like Just Dance and Dance Central. Yeah, I’m a nerd, but whatever it takes, right? I got the idea from my nephews, who love to prowl through YouTube to find routines and do the dances along with the videos. Super fun!

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