Friday Five: The “Things That Are Winning” Edition, Like Voting, Frank Ocean And The Cubs

This week was chock-full of a lot of schedule anomalies: Halloween, my sister’s birthday, making the time to go vote early. My little routine was thrown off, but I tried to embrace it, using it to switch things up and keep it all a bit fresh. Sometimes things fell by the wayside — like my meal planning, ha! — but it was completely worth it, of course. These — along with a few reads and some music — made the week distinctive, fun and memorable. How was your week?

Halloween. Halloween was unseasonably warm this year, which was nice for Budge’s 2nd Halloween. We did a family costume this year: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe…which many thought was a (liquor!) cabinet. (I wish!) Our neighborhood makes Halloween into a big deal, which was fun (except for the mobs taking up the sidewalk), and then we went around visiting friends and parents. I think next year we might get ready at one parents’ home, if only because it took a long time driving all around the city. Still, a nice time had by all…and looking forward to the other holidays this season.

Jessi Klein’s You’ll Grow Out Of It. Jessi Klein is a head writer at Inside Amy Schumer, so you know these essays are HILARIOUS. Smart, funny, observant and very relatable, it’s definitely like having a super-great coffee date with the long-lost friend you didn’t realize you had. Smart women of all stripes — mamas included — will definitely enjoy this book.

Voting! I remember lines being super-long for the last presidential election, so I voted early this year. Please remember to exercise your right, either early or this coming Tuesday! It’s something that many have fought hard and even died for, and it makes me sad to see people take it for granted (even though the candidates are pretty depressing in their own ways).

Chicago Cubs! I am so NOT a baseball fan, but I actually watched the last game with my sweetheart (who is a fan of sports) and thought it was muy exciting. (I asked my love if every baseball game was this dramatic, and he said no.) I live in a city about an hour and some away from Chicago, so you know everyone around here was very psyched, too.

Frank Ocean, Blonde. My motto when it comes to music these days is “late to the party.” I tend to get to things later when it comes to music, though once upon a time — when I was a post-adolescent — it was one of the biggest organizing principles of my life. This record has been out for a bit as an Apple Music exclusive, but it finally came to Amazon Prime streaming. And it’s super beautiful: tender, evocative, gauzy, gentle, intimate, a bit eccentric. It’s like if a big R&B star decided to do a lo-fi bedroom pop album. One of my favorites this year so far, up there with Angel Olsen, PJ Harvey’s Hope Six Demolition project, Nick Cave’s Skeleton Tree, Beyonce’s Lemonade and Solange’s A Seat at the Table.

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