Imaginary Shopping Spree: Cool, Beautiful Clothes And Accessories That Come In Cool, Beautiful Burgundy

It’s fall, and suddenly burgundy is EVERYWHERE in the shops and stores. Budgie, my sweetheart and I took a little mall trip last week, and I noticed the hue popping up in all kinds of stores, from the teenybopper trendoid chains to the serious working-lady boutiques. And I have to say: I love it! I’ve almost forgotten how much I love this dark, rich wine color, but seeing it everywhere made me realize how exciting it is that fall — and fall fashion — is absolutely here.

Burgundy (or dark cherry, or bordeaux, or marsala, whatever you want to call it) is a surprisingly versatile color. It’s flattering on nearly everyone: striking and rich with lighter or cooler-toned complexions, and super-sumptuous with darker and olive skin tones. It works as a great base in a wardrobe — say, combined with grey, olive green, and dark blue, if you’re into neutrals. But it’s also a good accent color for lighter, warmer palettes: it looks fabulous with tan, cream, and even blush pink. Or, if you’re super into bright, high-contrast color combinations, burgundy looks beautiful with mustard yellow, emerald greed and baby blue. And it plays beautifully with black — sometimes bright red looks too checkerboard-ish with black, but burgundy somehow just works really well instead. Burgundy = color superstar!

I only have a few burgundy items in my wardrobe: a flowing Fabletics tank, a no-name wrap dress and a old Lucky Brand tunic-y shirt that I wore to death during pregnancy. (And therefore never really want to wear ever, every again!) But lately I’m in love with burgundy accents and accessories: bags, of course, and shoes, but also watches and scarves.

I sourced a few of my favorite burgundy things below. As you can see, there are all kinds of styles and items represented: elegant, sexy, minimal, sporty, classic, modern, bohemian and such. Even if you scoff at trends, this is actually one that has some staying power — burgundy is always a beautiful color for the season, and a wonderful way to lend some grounded elegance to the fall.

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