An Everlane Street Fleece Sweatshirt Review

We’ve well established that I’m a fan of Everlane. I love their sophisticated take on luxury basics, their use of honest, beautiful materials and their transparency on prices and labor. We’ve also established that I love a sweatshirt, and at this point, I’ve amassed quite a collection ranging from your basic crewneck to “elevated” fashion-y ones that combine coolness with comfort.

Naturally, when Everlane released their “street fleece” collection of short- and long-sleeved sweatshirts and pants, I was very much “gimme gimme gimme!” They seem to combine the innate humility and genuineness of a sweatshirt with a slightly more voluminous ‘couture’ cut. So when the street-fleece sweatshirts went up as part of the occasional Everlane “Choose Your Own Price” sales, I snatched up the long-sleeved grey version and its short-sleeved black counterpart. And I must say, I’m very pleased — and am sure I’ll be wearing the heck out of these this fall!

Of course, buying something online vs. seeing it in real life can be two very jarringly different things. I wanted to put down my thoughts on these items to help others who are considering buying them as well. It’s always a bit of a process to buy clothes online, so I hope my observations can help out!

The Everlane Street-Fleece Sweatshirt



I have never really been let down by any of Everlane’s materials — the company has staked its reputation on quality fabric that is a cut above fast-fashion and high-street clothing. Really great clothes start with really great fabric — but sadly, most textiles today are pretty subpar, even at the designer level.

I’m happy to say, though, the street fleece sweatshirts keep up the Everlane tradition of quality, though the street fleec fabric is a little different than the typical cotton or silks. They’re described as a neoprene bonded to cotton on the site. I admit, I got a bit of a red flag in my brain when I heard that — sometimes neoprene can be too “scuba-like,” if you know what I mean. But the fabric here avoids the nylon-y, overly sheen-y athletic type of treatment. Yes, there’s a stiffness to the fabric, but it’s pleasingly matte and soft. There’s no feeling like you’re wearing a glorified wetsuit here!

The stiffness actually works with the cut, which is definitely on the roomy, cocoon-y side. (I generally wear a medium in Everlane tops, mostly because I don’t like anything remotely form-fitting, but I found I could’ve easily sized down for these sweatshirts.) The cut is really thoughtful and subtly unique: the shoulders are slightly rounded, and the seams at the side are set forward at a slight diagonal, which makes a voluminous cut more flattering.


The volume is balanced by slightly shortened sleeves, and the neckline is just a touch wider than a typical crewneck.

Sometimes volume can read as super-sloppy, especially in tops and dresses. But the structure and slight stiffness work well here to give it an air of elegance and even formality. It very much reminds me of 50s Balenciaga, in a muted way — or even how brands like Vetements made their names playing with proportions with typically humble garments like track jackets, sweatshirts and sweatpants.

(One word, though, about length: I’m a Shorty McShorterson, so I ended up hemming these tops so that they had a bit more of a “cropped” length you see with the model in the product pics. I hemmed the black one, but not the grey — so you can see the difference in the pics, I hope. It’s a bit of a pain, but that’s a lot better than the tops being too short — and being unable to do nothing about it, really!)

In terms of styling, the sweatshirts are incredibly versatile. Of course, they go great with other casual items like skinny jeans for a simple yet elegant everyday uniform that’s just a touch more refined than usual. The material is also luxe enough so that the black sweatshirt works well with the Everlane ponte skirt as a kind of formal two-piece outfit — both pieces are thick and stiff enough to harmonize well. I also wear the grey long-sleeved one over floaty little summer dresses for a more casual, whimsical take, and the short-sleeved black one works well with black or dark skinny jeans and rock ‘n rollish ankle boots for a nice, easy going-out kind of outfit at night.

In many ways, these sweatshirts are a no-brainer — they’re well-made, versatile and both wonderfully comfortable and sophisticated. Yes, it can be tricky because the cut is a bit risky — again, size down, especially if you are smaller-busted or rather on the ectomorph side! But for me, these sweatshirts are another winner and already feel like a long-time staple in my wardrobe. Yay! Ace! Huzzah!

If you’re looking for other Everlane reviews, I did a whole smorgasbord of items and a review of the box-cut t-shirt, too.


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