The #EverydayEdit: A Summer Of Totally Realistic, “Too Hot, Don’t Care” Outfits

This summer has been jam-packed: June was my birthday and lots of other birthdays, July was getting ready for Mexico and then actually going to Mexico. And August seems to be catching up with all the things that fell through the cracks while trying to gear up for fall. I’m excited for the new season, but thought I’d commemorate my summer of outfits, especially since I never really went through my capsule wardrobe for the hot, humid season, like I did for spring.

Honestly, though, my style wasn’t too thrilling: when summer comes, all I want to do is stop feeling so hot and humid! I just end up wearing shorts and tanks and workout clothes — I don’t care very much about looking semi-stylish or fashionable, except maybe on bowling/date night. (It’s hard to care when it’s been 90+ degrees Fahrenheit for weeks on end.)

Still, there’s something to be said about realism — maybe some mama out there is feeling similarly “I love clothes but I just can’t care right now.” (If you are, well, welcome to the club! I’m sure you look great, anyway.) This really is the lived reality of my current wardrobe — yep, it’s almost embarrassing how much I wear my workout clothes. Luckily, they make me happy and keep me comfortable during a most uncomfortable season. And that’s what matters, really.

Athleisure! Huzzah!

Seriously, I really do end up wearing a lot of my workout clothes in various permutations throughout the week — because this season I tried to get serious about getting some kind of workout in about 3-4 times a week, even if it was a super-quick run. Wearing your workout clothes — or at least some of them — gives you no excuses. You’re already dressed, at least partially — so just do it, as Nike says.

Usually I’d wear some kind of workout bra and top with a skirt or shorts and then change into leggings or run shorts at the gym. This Fabletics one ended up being my go-to skirt; a grey fleece skirt proved unexpectedly versatile during my summer wardrobe, and incredibly comfy as well. (And yep, that is a crop top-y type of workout bra I’m wearing! As well as the denim jacket I wore to ward off aggressive indoor AC this summer, instead of a cardigan.)


I got a pink Madewell muscle tank (here’s a similar one) and it turned unexpectedly into my closet MVP. The cut is boyish but nicely draping, and the pink color just made me super-happy. I wore it with jeans, shorts, but I like wearing it with workout leggings a lot — now I might get more muscle tanks for the gym because I kind of like the look of them.



This was another ‘everyday life in summer’: I wore the heck out of these track shorts. (These chambray ones are from Fabletics, but I like ones from Madewell as well.) I wore them with tanks, with Everlane t-shirts, with drape-y long sleeved Fabletics tops on moderately warm days. My shoe choice was pretty simple: sneakers, sometimes sandals or my trusty athletic slides.


Simple But Polished

I picked up a new pair of ankle boots that proved super-incredibly comfortable, and ended up wearing them a lot, especially on my more grownup-centric days when I wasn’t lugging a toddler and a diaper bag to three different places. This was one of my date night outfits — look, the fancyish tank!


But I also wore it very occasionally — on a 80-degree day, when it isn’t agony to wear skinny jeans — during daytime with aforementioned jeans and one of my Everlane box-cut tees. Simple but a step above just schlubbing it with sneakers, especially when paired with a grownup bag.



This was the summer I returned to dresses, now that I’m not nursing my little Budgie anymore and don’t have to yoink open a top every few hours. I had a few dresses leftover from my pre-baby life, but they were “nice-nice,” as my niece says — a little too precious for everyday life with a toddler who loves to throw food around like a cave kid.

So I picked up some high-street budget-conscious ones that I knew I could wear and destroy by the season’s end. The cami dress from Old Navy and Forever 21 proved welcoming. What can I say? I love a stripe, as well as a whimsical pattern.



Every Wardrobe Needs A Wild Card

A well-chosen wildcard in a wardrobe is a way to have fun with clothes, stave off boredom and take a fun risk or two. (Risk, of course, is highly relative to your own comfort level.) For me, it was this jumpsuit from Old Navy. (This is a similar one here.) I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a trendy item that might not have legs into next year, but I ended up loving the jumpsuit as a concept so much that I might invest in a nicer one — it’s just so free and easy and comfortable.

These were my #everydayoutfits for the summer. Like I mentioned, they’re just completely normal, do-able, and very casual. That’s just life during the dog days — but man, I can’t wait for fall and to get back to wearing some REAL clothes!

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