Fancyish Tank Tops: Perfect For Both Date And Bowling Night! (Plus: Trapped In The Closet Fashion Selfies!)

How can it be August already? It seems the summer has flown by so quickly, what with traveling in July and my toddler becoming more of a (sweet adorable) handful by the minute. Oh, and my sweetheart and I joined a bowling league for the season, which has been fun, fun, fun.

We’d been part of a bowling league before our little Budge was born, but since he came along, we’ve held back joining again for a number of reasons: our shifting schedules, other friends’ schedules, babysitting availability. But it’s been super-nice to get back to it, and get back just a part of my pre-baby life, even for one night a week.

Nowadays, bowling night is basically our date night, which is nice — an evening sans kiddo, where I can drink beer and eat pizza. Because it’s our date night, I’ve tried to make some fashion effort to look nice — but still keep in mind that I have to wear dorky bowling shoes and knock down some pins with a heavy ball as well. Some weeks have been better than others — both sartorially and recreationally. (One week I got a 179; another week, a 87. WTF?!!) But I found a fun date night uniform that works — and it boils down to what I call the ‘fancyish tank.’

The fancy tank is exactly what it says: it’s basically a tank top that has some unique detail, whether it’s a slightly different silhouette, some kind of detailing like embroidery, cutouts, or a new take on straps. Fashion people would say ‘elevated,’ and I suppose it’s the summer version of my beloved ‘elevated sweatshirt.’ It’s the same idea: a utilitarian basic made interesting, sexier and/or unique but still retaining its practicality.

Whatever you call it, a fancyish top works well with a variety of bottoms, like denim or khaki shorts or jeans — which is often what I paired mine with, since a skirt isn’t quite practical when you’re going after strikes and spares. (Confession: sometimes I wore mine with leggings, because I was coming right from the gym or a workout!) And I often wore black tanks, because my bowling shoes are black and white.

Most of my personal fancy tanks came this season from Fabletics, which is a great source for me for interesting designs made in great, durable performance fabrics. I loved the multiple straps and mesh details — both athletic, functional yet sophisticated.

This is my level-1 fancy top: it’s very simple, made of cotton, but the double strap set high on the shoulder gives a halter effect that makes good use of my broad shoulders.


I love this next tank — it’s a nice silky material that isn’t silk, so it wrinkles less and is more durable and practical. (Wash ‘n go!) The multiple straps and the mix of mesh and solid material is really sophisticated yet relaxed. A plus-side of multiple straps like this is that you can layer it over different bras and it just adds to the effect.


This is my flowy, relaxed boho top. You’d think a swing/trapeze tank would be a fashion mama’s dream, but if they’re not cut just right, they turn tent-like and can add bulk in the crucial underarm/boob area. (I am sure there is a better term for this area, but I hope I’m not the only one who finds themselves a little ‘vulnerable’ in this area.) I find I often have to size down in tops like this, and make sure the fit around the chest is spot-on. But this one worked out really well — it’s so comfortable and the material is silky.


(Also: do you like my #trappedinthecloset/#nomakeup selfies? This is what you have to do when you write a fashionish blog and you have a toddler who is stalking you all over the house.)

Fancyish tanks are all over the place, at a wide variety of price points, so if you’re in the market for one during this summer endgame, here are some I’ve found from a variety of retailers. As I mentioned, I got mine from Fabletics, but I’ve found similar ones.

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