An Ideal of Tomboy-Cool In The Form Of A T-Shirt: The Everlane Box-Cut Tee Review

T-shirts are rightly lauded as a basic, eternally cool item, so you’d think it’d be easy to find a flattering one. But for me — not stick-thin, with an athletic build, broad shoulders and possessed of a Virgo-rising-picky sense of fit — they can be a struggle. Crew necks aren’t often flattering for me, scoopnecks can be problematic (trunk neck!), and if they’re not precisely cut around the underarm, they can be super-sloppy and make me look and feel really ungainly.

T-shirts, in other words, can be a crap shoot.

Yet they are so necessary in the summer, so it’s worth the effort to hunt down a brand and style you like. But there are sooooo many on the market, so it’s overwhelming to even begin a great t-shirt search.

To start, I went with a brand whose clothes I liked before. I decided to try Everlane, for the reasonable price, the supply chain transparency and the fact that most other Everlane items I’ve gotten from them have generally been of great quality.

Everlane, of course, because initially famous for its basic v-neck t-shirt, so I had a feeling they’d serve me well. I was looking for something not super long, even slightly cropped, not clingy or form-fitting but also not sloppy. And what do you know? I struck sartorial gold!

Yes, everyone, the box-cut t-shirt is my favorite t-shirt ever. This t-shirt is like the most brilliant thing that ever existed in the universe. Okay, okay, I exaggerate, but if you’ve ever struggled with finding the perfect t-shirt, you’ll understand that perfect rush when a clothing item perfectly fits you and meets your expectations. I put this on my summer shopping list, and I’m so glad I did. (I originally just got the black one, then added the grey one to my collection. I’ve also just ordered the pale blue one as well, because I truly do love this t-shirt so much.)

The shirt fits like you borrowed your little brother’s t-shirt. (Which is what I used to do in terms of t-shirts — buy boys’ ones, that is — until motherhood, nursing and hypothyroidism changed my body.) It’s boyish, slightly cropped and very straight in terms of the silhouette. But it’s not overly boxy, and cut to accommodate a grown-up’s arms and shoulders, as well as grown-lady boobs. I normally wear a medium in Everlane, mostly because I like a more relaxed fit, and that’s what I went with here. It’s designed to be boxy, of course, so there’s no need to size up.

On my short petite self, this hits me just at the hip. I imagine on a taller person or on someone with a longer torso, it will be slightly more cropped. The style works for more athletic or straight builds, but I imagine those blessed with curves could make it work with high-waisted jeans.

Overall, the cut is so flattering if you’re looking for a casual, no-nonsense yet kicky-enough tomboy-style t-shirt. And like the material for many other Everlane items, the fabric is just great — soft yet durable, and just a bit thicker than their other t-shirts. (I noticed that the tee shrunk just every so slightly when I washed it — but I am like the Evel Knievel of laundry people, I just throw everything in the dryer and hope for the best. The box-cut tee did keep its boxiness after multiple washes, though, so it held its structure well.)

Anyway, the box-cut tee is yet another A+ entry in the Everlane arsenal, and I really hope they never stop making it. A well-crafted t-shirt for the feminine tomboy. Two thumbs up!

(In case you wanted to see it on a ‘real’ body…I wore it with my Fabletics running shorts, but honestly, I love wearing this shirt best with high-waisted skinny jeans.)


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