Wardrobe Planning: Summertime Sartorial Survival

It’s summer! The days are hot and long — much to my Why must my toddler staying up so late with the longer days? chagrin. And in terms of fashion, I’m dreadfully behind in terms of wardrobe editing and shopping plans. (Yes, I’ve given up on my ‘no shopping’ resolution — post-baby years are kind of the worst time for a project like that, because my body keeps changing still.)

The truth is, I already picked up a few items, mostly due to necessity. Like, “Oh man, we’re going to the pool this weekend? I need a new swimsuit!” Or, “Crap, it sucks to go running in leggings…clearly I need some track shorts.” Or, “First 90 degree day of the year coming up and no AC at night…eek, I need new tank tops and sleep shorts.” So, on some level, I don’t feel bad — a lot of my purchases have been driven by need. (Although I did pick up a jumpsuit at Old Navy while buying sandals for Budge…and I do love it.) Plus, a lot of my spring wardrobe capsule edit still works for summer, particularly the short-sleeved shirts and a few of the bottoms.

Still, the nice thing about an edited, decluttered Zen wardrobe kind of closet is that you can very quickly diagnose the gaps between the demands of your real life with your clothes. Yay, quick and easy problem-solving! Huzzah, practical sartorial dreaming! So, beyond the above purchases, I was quickly able to nail down what else I’ll be needing this summer, as well as source a few possibilities to meet those needs. Here’s what I have in mind so far, and some ‘inspiration shopping’ to give me a sense of what’s actually out there.

Happy summer, everyone! And happy wardrobe curating and managing! (GOD, I’M SO NERDY.)

Summer sweatpants

I know, I know: why in the world would I want to wear sweatpants? Just buy a pair of sweat shorts, for god’s sake, Kat! I do have some that I like to sleep in, but wearing them out and about actually challenges me a little in the modesty department — most of my sweat shorts are of the booty variety, but buying a larger size makes them a bit too sloppy for errand-running and other public appearancing type of things. So a nice cropped sweatpant in a nice light terrycloth — instead of a typical fleece — is a nice compromise, something super comfortable but still kind of tomboy-cute and sporty-chic during the day.

Tomboy t-shirts

I used to buy boy’s t-shirts all the time, but now I have a bust and that’s not always possible. (Thanks so much, pregnancy and nursing for a year!) But luckily I figured out a solution: boxy t-shirts! Boxy t-shirts work great on a variety of body types — you just have to pay attention to where they hit on the hip, as well as making sure they aren’t too roomy at the bust line. (Otherwise it just looks a little sloppy — which is cool if that’s your thing, but on me I just feel rather truck-like!) I love the idea of boxy tees in a variety of colors and even a print.

Track shorts that aren’t embarrassing to wear during the day

One of the biggest surprises of my life is how much I like running — well, after the first 10 minutes of it has passed. (The first 10 minutes for me are just ugh, ugh, ugh.) I like the idea of track shorts because it reminds me of my high school days when I’d wear a pair of Umbros with a Cure or Depeche Mode t-shirt and thought I was being cool and la-di-da. (I was not cool, of course, but I was most definitely la-di-da.) But nowadays, they’re practical, comfortable and kind of tomboy-cute. I like the pull-on short at Madewell and fancy the idea of a chambray pair or in a print, but I also dig the more classic athletic style in a neutral or pop-type of color.

A nice navy dress for a beach wedding

I called a moratorium on dress-buying this season because it’s a little hard for me to find something flattering, and it’s demoralizing to keep trying things and not finding anything. Plus, I have tons of summer dresses from my past pre-mama life that work great, and it’s nice to re-appreciate them. But with my sister’s wedding coming up, I’m tasked with buying a navy dress that I can wear at the beach. But I want it to work for well past the wedding, too. The tricky bit is that I don’t quite know the full logistics: beach, near the beach, on the sand, in a tree? I might just call it a day and get an Everlane dress, but I have a few other options under consideration.

An arty crop top, because mamas need to take fashion risks every now and then, too

This is my seasonal fashion challenge, I suppose. Can I ‘get away’ with a crop top? Why do I even want to wear them? I have no idea, except that I like the idea of a high-waisted skirt (my Everlane one fits the bill) with a cropped t-shirt or tank. Like a lot of weird fashion whims, I haven’t quite thought this one through — it’s like this weird inchaote urge — but I’ll keep you updated on if I actually go through with this one!

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