Yes, Capsule Wardrobes Are Perfect For Toddlers and Other Littles As Well

File this under “too irresistible not to share,” but I just wanted to share my toddler’s capsule wardrobe for the summer season. Yes, I know this may make me sound super type-A/weird/fashion-obsessive or whatever — I did apply the capsule concept I use for my own wardrobe to my child’s

Feeling Down, Tired, Foggy-Brained, Lacking In Va-Va-Voom and Weighed Down By Pounds You Just Can’t Lose? It Might Just Be Your Thyroid.

I was all set to write a little semi-inspirational post about health and fitness as part of my whole inquiry into a beautifully reasonable #goodenough life. I was going to write about how perfectionism is rampant in health, and how true wellness is about listening to and honoring your body’s