TGIF First Friday In May

Happy May! Here’s a bit of what caught my attention this week:

I Want All The Perks Of Maternity Leave — Without Having Any Kids. On one level, this article made sense: everyone needs time to reflect and take a break, and the U.S. has famously paltry vacations, personal days, etc. But comparing “me time” to maternity leave seems really divisive and wrong-headed to me. Parental leave isn’t a walk in the park — it’s grueling, often recovering from major surgery while caring for an utterly helpless, demanding infant. But hey, whatever it takes to get people talking about a book!

A Final Visit With Prince: Rolling Stone’s Lost Cover Story. I’m still sad about Prince’s passings — it’s like watching my childhood slowly fade away. Listening to lots of Purple Rain and Around the World In A Day and Sign ‘O The Times a lot lately.

Remembering the Big Picture Of Parenting. One of my parenthood mantras is ‘Childcare or parenting?’ It helps me remember when I’m feeling bored or disgruntled about being a mom that the grueling, icky stuff of childcare isn’t fully what parenthood is about — instead, it’s a relationship, really, and that’s the most gratifying part.

I’m going to be traveling with a young toddler at some point, and I’m really nervous about getting on a plane with him. This commercial = my anxiety!

One of my seminal feminist experiences was reading Lily Tomlin’s one-woman play The Search For Signs Of Intelligent Life in the Universe by Jane Wagner at a pretty young age — I think ten? So I’ve been a Lily Tomlin fan for some time, which of course made me excited to see Grace and Frankie. It’s a pretty conventional sitcom, heavy on the ‘warm and witty’ moments, but it’s just awesome to see two amazing actresses on the screen together.

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