Have A Great Last Weekend In April!

Just a few links that caught my eye this week, plus a few things I’ve been watching and reading.

BEYONCE, Y’ALL. I don’t need to say much more! The album = LOVE.

Nothing lifts my spirits sometimes like a hilarious Thai commercial. If your camera was literally a cameraman:

Don’t Miss These 12 Must-See Skywatching Events of 2016 Astronomy geeks, unite! Definitely putting a few of these on my calendar.

These Two Moms Share Their Secret to A House Full of Kids, Love And Happiness. This is a wonderful story about fostering and adoption.

A Nerd Is Rewriting 50 Shades Of Grey And It’s Even Better Than The Original. I never read the original 50 Shades, actually, but these tweets are hilarious and brilliant!

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