A Multiple-Item Everlane Review!

I was so out of the fashion game during my pregnancy that it took a Facebook ad to get Everlane on my radar. But those quasi-Scandinavian minimal-cool photos and styling caught my eye and tapped into my yearning for some well-made basics. I was never a “normcore” person — I love classics but I also like a bit of quirk and spark — but I do believe in the idea of very simple, honest things to form a solid foundation for grown-folks wardrobe.

Luckily, simple and honest are what Everlane does well, both aesthetically and with its ethos as a business. (It’s transparent about how its garments are sourced, priced and made.) Everlane’s thing is “luxury basics.” It got its start with simple tees and have been slowly but steadily diversifying into different items, fabrics, textures and even — gasp! — an occasional print. But what remains consistent is their sophisticated, thoughtful take on simple sportswear classics and the high quality of their fabrics.

Once I got done being pregnant, I have to admit that I was excited to get some Everlane things: they were perfect items to wear while I got my fashion legs back and my body slowly adjusted to being non-pregnant again. But Everlane is online-order only — unless you live in NYC and San Francisco where they have pop-ups you can try stuff on at — and ordering online when you have no sense of how their clothes fit in general is a challenge and a hurdle.

I also find Everlane’s sizing to be really strange sometimes — they give very detailed measurements, but I found that I needed a small in some items, a large in others — but not in a way that felt intuitive or consistent across the brand. (I appreciate a brand where I know I’m a medium or whatever across the board, no matter what the style or item.) So I scoured the Internet and found a few reviews that helped me a lot. I thought I’d do the same here to help out anyone who’s curious about Everlane, too.

Structured Wide-Legged Pants

As a short, non-waifishly proportioned person, I was fearful of wide-legged pants. As a new nursing mother with a post-partum body, I was downright terrified of them. And yet I couldn’t resist when these went “on sale” at Everlane — I really love the jaunty, tomboy appeal of wide-legged pants. (It also helped that they had a slideshow showing how these pants fit on a variety of non-model, everyday-people type of bodies — Everlane, if you ever read this, please do this with your other items!)

Crazily enough, I felt no twinge of regret for buying these, because they’re just really great pants. The material is superb — thick, substantial, just stiff enough to keep its shape but still stretchable. Because it’s slightly stiff, the cut and lines are very clean, though the pockets do splay open just a bit. In general, these are sized pretty generously. Everlane doesn’t seem to be selling this style anymore, but they are selling a slouchy version that looks very chic and cool. Now I’m curious about the other pants that Everlane sells.


Crew Sweatshirt

Oh, how I love a sweatshirt! This is almost a perfect specimen. The material is a substantial marled French terry that is beautifully colored and feels perfectly worn in already. The cut is perfect for me: it is just relaxed enough to gently skim your body but it’s also not too slouchy or sloppy. I found this to be true to size, if you’re interested in buying it. I have the blue marled, but I kind of also want the grey marled sweatshirt as well, because I am insane. But how often do you find perfectly perfect items of classic items that you truly do wear all the time?


Ottoman Sweatshirt

Buying this sweatshirt was a whim, but I had some store credit and was looking for an “elevated sweatshirt” — a non-blouse/non-sweater that had the comfort of a sweatshirt but with just a little something extra to make it more sophisticated than your typical sporty-casual piece. Of course Everlane would make the perfect expression of this odd, arcane ideal! This is probably my favorite Everlane piece so far: the material is this groovy ribbed fabric that is thick but not too heavy, and is also incredibly cozy and soft. The cut is killer: it’s boxy and just slightly cropped, and the sleeves are bracelet-length — a nice, elegant, slightly nostalgic touch. It works equally well with skinny jeans as it does with the ponte skirt. If Jackie Onassis or Audrey Hepburn wore a sweatshirt, this would be it.


Sleeveless Poplin Shirt

This top was my first Everlane item, but interestingly, it’s the one that I’m least enamored with — mostly because I realized I’m not a sleeveless button-down kind of girl. (Long-sleeved button-downs are an entirely different story.) But if you are, this is a great piece — the grey poplin fabric is actually more a soft, slightly weightier cotton than a thin, crinkly poplin, and the color is a gorgeous shade of grey: not heathers but not completely solid, either. Though the item is pretty true to size, I found the armholes to be a touch too low-cut for my taste, but generally I am super-picky about my armholes in general.


Ponte Skirt

If you’d told me that I could lean on Everlane to create amazing bottoms, I would’ve never have believed you — I generally like to buy anything that goes on my tush in real life, where I can try it on. But this is a truly exemplary straight/pencil skirt with a great, simple, well-executed cut. You can make it dressed up with a nice blouse; you can go super-casual with it as well. (I wore it with my Everlane crew sweatshirt and some Adidas slides and felt very 90s X-Girl.) But the truly wonderful thing about this skirt is the material — it’s a thick, sturdy, flaw-smoothing ponte that feels like it will last for years. It’s also sized pretty generously, I found, and it’s a little long for a shorty like me — but it’s nothing a little hemming won’t fix. (I’ve actually come to like the just-below-the-knee length now — it’s almost avant!) It felt true-to-size to large-ish to me — I could easily slide it over my hips without undoing the zipper.


Short-Sleeved Shirtdress

This dress was my one Everlane disappointment! Which is a pity, because I put it on my spring shopping list. But it just did not flatter me, and I couldn’t figure out the sizing — I initially got my go-to medium, which felt too tight in the chest for my post-partum, baby-nursing body — but the large was just too boxy and made me feel like a linebacker! I couldn’t even bear to take a picture in it because it was so unflattering on me! I might try again later in the season, now that my nursing boobs have gone down in size, but I have a feeling it’s just not meant for me overall — I’m not really sure if it’s meant for the broad-shouldered like myself. It’s still a nice dress if it works for your body type — the fabric is, once again, just lovely and it’s well-made with a lot of thoughtful details. The sleeves are nicely angled and the bottom hems are rounded, not straight across, which is often more flattering in a garment. But for me, alas, not flattering enough! So sad — but you can’t have everything in life, right? Which is good, because otherwise I’d be broke.

Other Notes

Everlane’s customer service have been very responsive and friendly whenever I’ve dealt with them, but I’ve had a few moments that slightly put me off. For my first order, I ordered some things, only to return them for store credit — and then waited almost three weeks to get that credit. In fact, I had to email them to ask what was going on to get them to finally process my credit and issue it. The rep kindly explained that their warehouse was slammed with the post-holiday period and was running behind. (My sense overall is that they might have warehouse and shipping snafus to work out as a company.)

Ultimately it wasn’t a big deal — and the rep dealt with it really pro-actively and was very helpful and was overall a delight to deal with — but it was a bit of a shaky start, especially for a newish buyer. Everlane’s clothes are impeccable and excellent overall, so I hope their customer service and fulfillment catch up! I’d still buy from them — obviously I still do! — but maybe keep an eye out for issues around peak shopping times. Since then I’ve had no issues, however.

Anyway, I hope this helps the Everlane-curious out there! Here are a selection of some of the items I own, as well as a few I have my eye on — I’m hoping the ponte dress stays in stock for fall! Happy shopping!

(Updated: if anyone’s interested, I also reviewed the Everlane box-cut t-shirt as well as the street fleece sweatshirts! There’s also a review of the Everlane luxe wool square turtleneck. For those looking for an athleisure line with similar commitment to sustainable labor, check out my review of Simulacra.) And I also just published a very idiosyncratic review of Everlane jeans.

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