Have A Purple-Centric Weekend

College basketball players have a dance craze starring a song from 20 year ago. I was having a horrible, horrible morning one day last week. But then my own boo showed me this new ‘dance craze’ and for some reason it cracked me up! [sbnation.com]

What Your Favorite Pizza Topping Says About Your Personality. My favorites are Hawaiian pizza (I love pineapple!) and veggie lovers. [littlethings.com]

Are you the parent of an “indigo child”? Apparently they’re going to save the world.

The Downsides of Being Clever. Oh, anxiety, depression…a few of our favorite friends. [bbc.com]

Prince died! An icon, genius and all-around enigmatic master musician who bended genres, got his kink on and made people dance and sing in purple rain. He redefined not just music, but gender, masculinity, style and sexuality — and he gave me the soundtrack to so many of my happiest childhood memories, from rollerskating to ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ to dancing in college to ‘Sexy M.F.’ to making up dances on the front lawn to ‘When Doves Cry.’ But this has always been my favorite song of his:

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