Happy Super-Fun Friday!

Just some little things for the weekend!

The title says it all: “The Largest Ever Analysis of Film Dialogue By Gender: 2,000 Scrips, 25,000 Actors, 4 Million Lines.” The result of all this data parsing? By and large, Hollywood sells women short. [Polygraph]

I read this eagerly, mostly because this reflects some of my ‘life balance’ juggling now — trying to be a writer but also a good mother. I have many thoughts, but ultimately I read this, sympathized but ultimately think the author has a few blindspots remaining about what makes a good mother — and a great artist. “The Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Mom.” [The Cut]

I’m old-school enough to think this sometimes, but I know it’s a bit more nuanced. I wish the headline had been framed in terms of what kids are gaining or losing, instead of parents…but I’m sure it’d be less ‘click-baity.’ Are Today’s Parents Getting A Raw Deal? [Huffington Post]

I cannot resist a band named Tacocat that writes songs about X-Files icon Dana Scully.

On the mama tip, my toddler is at that tricky stage of being picky and only wanting finger foods and suddenly it’s become this THING to shop for groceries and plan meals. So I’m going to get my meal-planning hat on, and this is the kind of article I bookmark now. (Though I’m not sure how little Budgie will like stuffed peppers!) This One $20 Bag Of Groceries Will Make You 3 Easy Meals. [Refinery 29]

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