A Crush On Coral

Lately I’ve been trying to be more attuned to ‘micro-emotions’ — you know, those twinges of feelings that bubble up throughout a day, only to be pushed away because we’re busy checking our phones, driving (but not checking our phones at the same time!), trying to get the next item on our to-do list, trying to keep my toddler from destroying the lower pantry shelves in the kitchen, whatever. It’s all well and good to pay attention to feelings while meditating, but I’ve been curious about what little hints of feelings I get in my everyday life. Not just those passing feelings of sadness, annoyance, anger — but also the little sprinkles of glee and wonderment. (I think the whole ‘sparking joy‘ thing that Marie Kondo has really infiltrated my brain.) So when I saw this sweatshirt, something just zinged inside me.

I was surprised, because it’s not usually a color I wear. It’s this bright, neon coral, which is loud and whoa-inducing in real life — but something about it just made me happy. I had this primordial jolt of joy when I looked at it. So I bought it — despite my mindful-shopping resolution — because primordial joy is always a good investment. I wear it mostly to the gym, because it still feels like a bit much for my real life. But consequently — I really like going to the gym a lot now!

Now I’m craving more hits of coral as springtime rolls in. Makeup is obviously a nice way to play with coral, and it’s a trendy enough color that there are more than enough non ‘old-lady’ coral options now. (Though, come on — old ladies know where it’s at!) Coral lipsticks are brilliant — they’re a fun springtime alternative to classic reds. Corals can skew pink-orange, which is nice for fair or blue-toned complexions — or they can go more orange-red, which is great for yellow, olive or warmer complexions in general. My personal favorite is a Nars lipstick in Heat Wave, which you can see above — it’s one of those orange-red lipsticks. Nars is pretty spendy, but L’Oreal does a shade of its Colour Riche Lipcolour lipstick in a shade called Volcanic that works nicely, too.


Probably my biggest beauty game-changer, though, is coral blush. As it turns out, coral blush is great for darker olive-toned types like myself. You know that tip about how your perfect blush color is the flush of your cheeks after a hard workout? (If you didn’t know that tip, well, now you do!) I always tried buying peach colors to replicate that, only to have them disappear into my skin. But coral blush actually works to give me that flush. (I found Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Deep Coral; they also make a Medium Coral that works well for lighter skin.

Now I’m like, what else can I coralize? I love the idea of coral Vans.


Coral would probably be too much for me in a traditional feminine style, but I love it in athletic-y/tomboy items like this simple sneaker — or in a sweatshirt!

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