Friday Four: Re-Watching Gossip Girl, A Concise, Non-Overwhelming and Un-Soul-Crushing Way To Keep Up With 45’s Political Horrors, And A Beautiful Story By Elizabeth Barker

What a rough week! Everyone at home has been sick, including little Budgie. He’s usually a good sleeper, but with second-year molar madness happening and this cold, nights are really long now. I just want to lie in bed and read, but that seems impossible, what with work, family, job

Friday Five: A Mini-Review of Amazon Prime Pantry, The Dang Ed Sheeran Song That Haunts Me And When You Wear Headphones As Earmuffs Because It’s So Cold Out

Oh, man, winter doldrums. I’m feeling them pretty hard this year, mostly because I think I’m still feeling a bit of exhaustion from a busy holiday and New Year’s season — and starting all these new duties at my job — and haven’t had much opportunity to really recover. I’m

Winter 10×10 Fashion Challenge: The Final Outfit, and What I Learned From the Whole Shebang

The #winter10x10 challenge is over! Yes, I did manage to wear only 10 pieces over 10 days — and without repeating an outfit. At times the restrictions annoyed me — but much less than I thought. In fact, the limitations actually helped, because I didn’t really have to think about